Layer Three

Thursday, May 9th, 2024

Screenshot of Wireshark displaying ICMP ping packet with Python code overlaid.

While working on the portion of my project, Zant, I was playing around with the ping method of the icmplib module. While verifying the packet transmission using Wireshark, I noted the payload was a seemingly random string of characters that changed with every request. To verify this behavior I followed the documentation which confirmed a random string would be generated if the payload parameter wasn’t specified. This means I can embed a message in the payload which I also verified with Wireshark. In my test displayed above I used a github link to the pertinent file which I may keep. It will be something to give network administrators context if they notice the persistent ICMP requests. How many admins monitor ICMP packets traveling through their network (when enabled)? It would be a great way for a malicious actor to smuggle information through a firewall.

Up and Running

Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Designing and coding a website after many years has been a profoundly educational experience. The once prevalent issues of cross-browser compatibility have largely been mitigated, mirroring the evolution of the World Wide Web. With its pervasive influence, the multitude of applications has necessitated the expansion of HTML and CSS standards, introducing an extensive array of tags, features, and properties.

Given that I do not intend to undertake further web design projects imminently, I am evaluating the extent of new skills I should acquire based on my immediate needs. While I may explore additional HTML and CSS functionalities in the future, I am currently adhering to the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy. Also, determining the structure and naming of the pages posed quite a challenge.

The primary aim of this website is to share my expertise and thought process as I address different challenges, while also providing valuable insights on various topics. One particular focus is the SIM7600 GNSS HAT, and I will provide a link for further details once available. Instead of labeling this section as a "Blog," which implies an expectation of followers—a notion that does not align with my objectives—I have chosen "Thoughts" as a more fitting title for this section. The main sections of the website will be Home, Thoughts, Projects, and Contact.

Regarding the narrative style on the homepage, many websites feature third-person descriptions, which may be appropriate if the content were crafted by another person or a team. However, as this is my personal work and expression, I have decided to maintain a first-person narrative. If there are specific advantages to using third-person that I might be overlooking, I would welcome any insights.